How Realtors Can Become The Perfect Wingman for Their Clients

So much of our free time is spent online these days. Our social lives are happening in online communities, much more than our friends’ homes or bars. We meet people in Facebook groups with similar interests or following someone’s Snapchat story. YouTube has become the place where you can learn to do almost anything, from home maintenance tasks to cooking dinner for the family.

Home shopping, like dating, almost always starts online as well. They both revolve around searching for the perfect one, and just like a matchmaker, a house hunter will turn to their realtor to help them weigh their options.

Clients are looking for a home to fall in love with; here are eight ways to perfect your matchmaking skills to help them find “the one”:

  • Knowing their price range is like knowing who is in their league

During this time, you have to help your client be as realistic as possible. In the dating world, it’s a waste of time going for people that you know are not worth giving a chance. In a home search, there is no point in falling in love with a home that you cannot afford. Be a good wingman and only introduce them to properties they have a serious chance with.

  • Be sure they are ready to move on

Buying a home is a long-term commitment that will come with ups and downs; is your client ready? Help them get prequalified; this will show they’re ready to move on from their current situation. In other words, make sure they are ready to give their last real estate love the boot.

  • Don’t be superficial

We’ve all met a date that didn’t look like their online photo and this is the same for homes. Sometimes they will look way better online than they do in person. Before setting up a home tour, ask your client to name something not superficial that draws them to the home. Then you will know if a deeper connection is attainable.

  • Don’t make your decision based on first impressions

After they’ve met in person, your client may think the house is as awesome as it appears online. But, encourage your client to take it slow before committing. Keep them grounded by pushing them to do an inspection or make sure the home doesn’t have any deep, dark secrets.

  • Go with your gut

Love at first sight is rare, but it can happen. There is a possibility your client finds the home of their dreams in the first property. If this is the case, don’t try to talk them out of their decision. Do make sure they take the necessary precautions before jumping into a new real estate relationship.

  • Celebrate once they’ve sealed the deal

Once your client has closed their transaction and walks down the aisle into their new home, congrats are in order. Come to their housewarming party to show support for their new homeowner status.

Dating and house hunting are two topics that go hand-in-hand, use these tips to match your client with the home of their dreams and ensure they live a happily ever after.