4 Tips for Outdoor Entertaining During Winter Nights

One of the joys of warmer weather is setting the table and sharing a leisurely outdoor meal with loved ones, and it’s something that can really be missed when the climate turns cold. But even if you live in an area that experiences some chilly winters, there’s no reason you can’t entertain outdoors during those months too.

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Enjoy the changing landscape through the year rather than just in summer. Here are some tips on making outdoor entertaining in winter a truly wonderful experience.

Light things up

It’s always wise to work with nature, rather than against it. If you are planning on organizing a winter event, accept that it will get darker earlier and make a plan in advance.

  • Considering starting the event an hour earlier than normal, to capitalize on the last rays of day-light.
  • Candles can be used in many ways outdoors. Aside from placing large ones on tables, try putting tea lights in recycled jars and hanging them from trees. The creative touch to these lights will be all the buzz with your family and friends.

Add some heat

Summertime hosts are accustomed to canopies that protect themselves and their guests from the heat, and it’s important for hosts to take similar steps when it gets chillier. Fire pits have become a must-have item for outdoor areas. Available in both portable and permanent options, a fire pit is an affordable and cozy conversation piece that will bring everyone together.

Change the menu

Firing up the hot grill for some hamburgers and hot dogs might still work for entertaining during winter, but hosts will want to stay away from watermelon and pasta salad. Embrace the cold weather by roasting nuts and making s’mores. Switch out summertime beverages like lemonade and sweet tea with hot chocolate to keep guests warm.

Pile on the blankets

Place wool or fleece blankets on each chair. These are great for people to cover their knees or wrap around their bodies, if they get cold. Choose bright colored fabrics that will help brighten a dark evening.

Even though the warm weather is gone, outdoor entertaining doesn’t have to be. With the necessary amount of adjustments, you can charm your family and friends with this different spin on an outdoor gathering.