2018 Design Trends

Minimalist and modern has been the sign of the times, but retro 1970s chic is making a comeback! Burnt oranges, olive greens, and vintage furniture is what is hot in interior design for 2018. Grab your bell bottoms and shag carpet– here are some design ideas to get your living space on trend.

Retro Furniture

Retro is back, replacing last season’s modern style. Retro furniture is a great way to add nostalgic, “feel-good” vibes to any home. To save while also adding some authenticity, try refreshing the old furniture you have in storage, or hauling out those garage-sale buys that didn’t quite fit last year’s style. Hit the thrift store, as well, for some really great vintage finds.

Golden Metallics

Golden, metallic hues will officially take over all finishes, furniture, and appliances in 2018. Such warm metallics as rose gold, brass, and copper provide a sense of homey luxury while offering durability.  The hues also pair really well with a wide range of styles and colors. Look for those warm, brassy floor lamps reminiscent of the 1970s. Vintage and trendy at the same time.

Fresh Plants

Green is definitely in, and makes a fabulous pairing to that burnt orange 1970s couch you scored at the thrift store. Not only are they good for you, but leafy plants are pretty, too. Anything from a bouquet of flowers to a cute little bush can provide a sense of freshness to your space. Although a simple addition, plants can definitely elevate a room. If you’re looking for a style upgrade and are afraid of killing a real plant, don’t fret. There are some amazing, lifelike faux plant options.


Velvet has been all over the runways, and now it is all over our living spaces. From couches to rugs to pillows, using velvet adds both luxury and coziness to any room. Feel a little too bold for you? Start small: Grab some velvet-upholstered accent pillows or throws to give this trend a test drive. But we know you want to dive all-in. A velvet couch is an incredibly luxurious way to revel in this retro trend. Go for it!